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The examiners will ask you to read a text on your own (you get some reading time but no preparation time). Once you’ve read the text, you must explain what you understood from it.

Texts are varied, of all sorts but are always related to aviation. 

Examples of texts:

Most candidates are fine with understanding the text. However, explaining it is another story.

Developing your structure skills can be a great help to organize your thoughts, and be clear and concise in your explanation. Contrary to the introduction or the image description (you’ll see in the next module), structures here shouldn’t be too complex in order to make your explanation as clear as possible.

The key is to reformulate using synonyms, different structures than the ones in the text and most importantly processing the information. It means that you need to explain what you understood from the text using your own words and structures.


A common mistake among candidates is to forget to stick to the text grammar.
Generally, when the text is in the past, your summary/ explanation should be in the past, the same for any other tense used.

Olivier Thaon

Operational examiner, linguistic examiner