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The test developed by AEPS for the plain language test is composed of a presentation exercise.

This exercise is based on an interview during which you are asked to introduce yourself. Explain who you are, why you take/took flying classes, what you intend to do with your flying skills, if you have special hobbies… The assessors may ask questions in order to facilitate conversation.

🤓 Introducing yourself is the perfect opportunity to use more complex structures, that you can control.
However, most candidates do not take this part sufficiently seriously.

This part may sound easy but it can be more difficult than you think to talk about yourself to examiners.
Grammar can be a good booster to your level but you need to vary the basic and complex structures.

There is not a perfect introduction or a best one. The parts mentioned in this lesson are not mandatory, you can choose to talk about whatever you want.

The most important is to vary the structures you use and attempt to use some complex structures.


The examiners do not pay much attention to what you say but how you say things.

Olivier Thaon

Operational examiner, linguistic examiner