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🌍 According to doc 9835, this skill refers to the ability to listen and understand. The AMC to FCL055 also refers to IFR pilots being able to read and understand technical information.
🤓 Comprehension should not be judged uniquely on common and routine areas. To be operational the candidate must demonstrate the ability to understand when faced with an unexpected situation or linguistic complication. There may be some crossover with interaction when dealing with clarification techniques.

👋 Basic approach to comprehension:

❓ Is there a failure in understanding especially in an unexpected situation? Are there any misunderstandings of the full range of radiotelephony communications including unexpected or emergency situations? Is there a failure to understand a clearly communicated unexpected situation even after clarification?
✅This may indicate a tendency towards a level 3️⃣ in this area.

❓ Is comprehension mostly accurate in routine and unexpected/emergency situations? Do the clarification strategies work efficiently most of the time?
✅This may indicate a level 4️⃣ in this area.

❓ Is comprehension detailed and operational in routine and unexpected/emergency situations?
✅This may indicate a level 5️⃣ in this area.

❓ Is comprehension highly accurate and flexible regardless of the situation? Is there an ability to “read between the lines” through analysis of tone of voice or choice of register?
✅This may indicate a level 6️⃣ in this area.

Click here for the ICAO/EASA Language Rating Scale

Olivier Thaon

Operational examiner, linguistic examiner