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🌍 ICAO doc 9835 states that “fluency is intended to refer to the naturalness of the flow of speech production and the degree to which comprehension is hindered by unnatural or unusual hesitancy or inappropriate silence”.

🤓Levels of fluency can be more easily judged during longer discourse during an interaction. Our assessor therefore have a responsibility to give the candidate the opportunity to produce longer discourse without interruption. Our assessors should be aware of the impacts of lack of vocabulary (with subsequent reformulation) and unease with structure which may adversely affect fluency.

👋 Basic approach to fluency:

❓ Is speech rate very slow with frequent and inappropriate pauses or hesitancy affecting communications?
✅This may indicate a tendency towards a level 3️⃣ in this area.

❓ Can the candidate produce speech at an appropriate tempo with occasional loss of fluency when shifting to a spontaneous reaction?
✅This may indicate a level 4️⃣ in this area.

❓ Can the candidate speak at length with relative ease at something approaching natural fluency?
✅This may indicate a level 5️⃣ in this area.

❓ Is the fluency native like with variations of speech flow for effect demonstrating ability to adapt speech flow to the situation?
✅This may indicate a level 6️⃣ in this area.

Click here for the ICAO/EASA Language Rating Scale

Olivier Thaon

Operational examiner, linguistic examiner