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Short Final

Welcome to the Short Final preparatory course aimed at preparing the AEPS FCL.055 IFR and VFR test.
In this course, you have a full list of different exercises. All exercises are available at all times, so that you can practice at your own pace. For the first time, we recommend that you do them in the proposed order, which is exactly the order you will have at the test.

Do not hesitate to practice more and more, and to do several times the exercises that seem difficult.

How does it work?

The training is divided into 5 lessons, each corresponding to one of the five parts of the AEPS exam. 

The first part make up the core of this training and correspond to the  Plain Language Test. The second part is dedicated to preparing for the simulated flight 

We hope you enjoy it. 

Good luck with your studies, and we hope this training helps you achieve your goals!

Radiotelephony course

The Short Final preparatory course aimed at candidates who have a good understanding of standard European phraseology. Several VFR and IFR scenarios are available in the Part 2 to help candidates understand what is required during the exam.

For candidates with little or no practice in radiocommunication, AEPS has developed a specific course called Reading You Five VFR or IFR, which is available for purchase on our e-learning platform. It is important to note that the simulated flight portion of the exam is a pass/fail section, and a failure will result in an overall exam failure regardless of your proficiency in other areas. We recommend taking the time to refresh your knowledge and practice before the exam.

Update: September 2023