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According to the ICAO Doc 9432 Manual of Radiotelephony the following transmitting techniques will assist in ensuring that transmitted speech is clearly and satisfactorily received:

  1. Before transmitting, listen out on the frequency to be used to ensure that there will be no interference with a transmission from another station.
  2. Be familiar with good microphone operating techniques.
  3. Use a normal conversational tone, speak clearly and distinctly.
  4. Maintain an even rate of speech not exceeding 100 words per minute. When it is known that elements of the message will be written down by recipient, speak at a slightly slower rate.
  5. Maintain the speaking volume at a constant level.
  6. A slight pause before and after numbers will assist in making them easier to understand.
  7. Avoid using hesitation sounds such as “er”.
  8. Depress the transmit switch fully before speaking and do not release it until the message is completed. This will ensure that the entire message is transmitted.
  9. An irritating and potentially dangerous situation in radiotelephony is a “stuck” microphone button. Operators should always ensure that the button is released after a transmission and the microphone placed in an appropriate place that will ensure that it will not inadvertently be switched on.

Olivier Thaon

Operational examiner, linguistic examiner